plurk conversations part 2, didn’t make this a chat post this because I wanted to link pictures

kawaiiguyeddie: michael madsen’s oldest son is p good looking also he’s like a year older than me

queenofasses: go get it

kawaiiguyeddie: i wanna get it

kawaiiguyeddie: that’d be a weird conversation

kawaiiguyeddie: hey i wanted to bone your dad when he was like 30

kawaiiguyeddie: now i wanna bone you

queenofasses: It’d basically be like Twilight

queenofasses: You’re fine

kawaiiguyeddie: am I jacob

queenofasses: yup

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    Ooh nice, he’s old enough then 8)
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    He was born in 1990 (I don’t know his exact birthday,when I looked him up I only got the year) so he’s either 22 or 23!