speaking of Harvest Moon, I saw somebody in the New Beginning tags complain about how easy the game was and I was like

I mean yeah, compared to the couple of HM games they were talking about the game is probably easier but

slylysilentsoul replied to your post:never have I had a harder time choosing an animu…

I used my second save file to see all the marriage scenes. :<

Yeah. I’m in between Neil, Rod, Sanjay and/or Amir (who I haven’t gotten yet). Which is, what, 4/6 of the bachelors? I’d say that’s p narrowed down.

SRSLY THOUGH I wanna see what Sanjay and Amir are like first because it looks like it’s a pain to break up with a boyfriend/girlfriend if you change your mind about them, but by the time I get to building their place I might be about done with everything new you can do in the game. I’m guessing? IDK though because I’m in Year 2 and there’s still a billion things I wanna do/try.